Track Record

Success factors

DS System provides logistical, economical, ecological and safety advantages, unmatched by any of its rivals.

  1. Resource efficiency

    The tool-free and fast installation, versatile configration options and efficient logistics of DS System offer exceptional resource efficiency throughout the process. The fully reusable system also provides significant environmental benefits and produces no waste.

    Due to our rent-based business model there are no aquisition or maintenance costs and you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

  2. Efficiency on site

    The installation of individual DS element takes less than a minute and can be done without any tools. The seamlessly integrating elements can be arranged to fit your sites requirements and relocated easily.

    The air-tight structure and efficient thermal insulation properties of DS System offer excellent working environment, regardless of weather conditions.

  3. Savings

    DS System offers savings from all aspects:

    • Fast installation, dissassembly and relocation save time up to 95 % compared to traditional methods.
    • Efficient thermal insulation properties save energy from heating or cooling.
    • Less waste – No extra costs for purchase, cleaning and recycling waste materials.
    • Pay as you go -business model. No aquisition, storage or maintenance costs.
    • High quality and fire, weather and shock proof structure increase safety on site – less accidents and damages.

  4. Energy efficiency

    DS System is air-tight, which allows compartmentation and efficient climate control, thus decreasing the energy usage. Our products comply with the EU’s most stringent standards and regulations, providing efficient solution for humidity and weather protection problems.

Leading innovation

The internationally patented innovative DS Product concept has been awarded numerous innovation awards in Finland and around the world.

Due to our high quality standards our products comply with the EU’s most stringent standards and regulations.

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Track Record

Our path to success

Q2 2017

Membership of Cleantech Finland, accept process NGO confederation of Finnish industries (EK)

Q2 2017

EU Horizon 2020 Phase II (Q2/2017), internationalization funding paper 2,5 M€ agreed to decision pipeline (Q2/2017). Decision fork (16.5.2017-5.9.2017)


The centres for economic development, transport and environment (ELY) internalization program acception with 45.000 € support decision.


Rent deal with pilto product to SRV.

Q2 2016

Anchor Investor.


International Quality Innovation Awards prize winner.


Rent deal with pilot product to Peab.


National Quality Innovation competition winner.


EU Horizon 2020 Phase I (passed and done), marketing and competition analyze/survey.



DS Product

DS Product suojaseinäjärjestelmä on uudenlainen ratkaisu kiinteistöjen, sekä saneeraus- ja rakennuskohteiden olosuhdehallintaan ja suojaamiseen.