The fully reusable DS System allows for creation of seamless sheltering for construction sites where air circulation, dust control and energy efficiency has been integrated in to one. The system can be installed quickly to even the most irregular spaces, offering excellent protection to both the working area and its surroundings.

A high quality, safe and durable solution

The innovative and award-winning design of DS products combined with high quality performance and durable materials ensure the sheltering and security of your construction site.

The strong yet lightweight aluminum body makes the transport and relocation of elements easy, and no tools are required for installation due to the integrated lock system. Insulating, shock and water-resistant window panes are made from strong polycarbonate, providing protection against weather and UV radiation.

The insulating value of DS element is equivalent to a thick thermal glass, which saves energy by reducing the on-site need for heating or cooling up to 72%.

For transport and storage, the elements can be packed in a transport container.


  • DS WALL wall element
  • DS Product seinäelementti
  • Wall element for sheltering, compartmentation and insulation
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Heights: 1800-3200 / 2500-4400 mm
  • Each element is equipped with a seal
  • UV radiation resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • A lighter wall structure for indoor use is also available
  • DS DOOR door element
  • DS Product ovielementti
  • Door element, compatible with wall element
  • Width: 1200 mm / door: 850 mm
  • Heights: 2500-2980 / with 480 mm add ons 4400 mm
  • Electrical distribution center and fault current protection
  • Underpressured (IONJET-filtering, no extra filters needed, HEPA-filter, powered ventilator)
  • Perhospelti tuloilmaliitännällä
  • LED lights, electricity supply connection
  • DS CASSETTE transportation and storage unit
  • DS Product elementtien kuljetus- ja säilytyskasetti
  • For transportation, relocation and storage of DS elements
  • Width: 1200 mm / Lenght: 2660 mm / Height: 1430 mm
  • Cassette holds 10 DS Wall or 5 DS Light Door -elements
  • Transportation with crane, pump carriage or truck
  • Cassettes can be stacked on top of each other
  • Steel frame, optional vinyl cover(optio)
DS Product

DS Product suojaseinäjärjestelmä on uudenlainen ratkaisu kiinteistöjen, sekä saneeraus- ja rakennuskohteiden olosuhdehallintaan ja suojaamiseen.